During my career I have been mostly involved in teaching methodology and research skills. I have taught courses on research design, qualitative and quantitative methods, and academic writing and I have developed skill tracks for the Master European Studies and the Master European Public Affairs at Maastricht University. Between 2016 and 2019, I was Director of Studies of the Bachelor European Studies at Maastricht University.


University of Bergen

Coordination and Development

2020-2022     Local and Regional Democracy in Multilevel Norway and Europe


Maastricht University

Coordination and Development

2015-2018     Multilevel and Longitudinal Modelling, Research Master European Studies
2011-2018     Analyzing Research Designs, Bachelor European Studies
2013-2014     Integrated Skills Track, Master European Public Aaffairs
2011-2014     Governance in the EU, Master European Public Affairs
2011-2014     Research Skills Track, Master European Studies



2013-2016     Developing Your Own Research Design, Bachelor European Studies
2011-2016     Comparative Politics and Government, Bachelor European Studies
2011-2016     Survey Research, Bachelor European Studies
2011-2016     Qualitative Research Skills, Bachelor European Studies
2011-2016     Quantitative Data Analysis, Bachelor European Studies


University of Edinburgh

2009-2011 Tutor Core Quantitative Data Analysis


VU University Amsterdam

2007-2008     Instructor Bachelor Project
2007-2008     Instructor Bachelor Werkgroep Introduction to Political Science
2005-2006     Teaching Assistant Introduction to Political Science